I'm Scott Huson, an engineer and computer scientist. I love solving problems. I grew up living in countries around the world.

See what I'm doing now.

For the fall of 2020, I am a student Co-Op at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory with the Rapid Prototyping group.

Previously I have been with the NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryTeam Blacksheep, and Pro.com. I currently am involved in research as well as work with several startups like ShelfLife

I am an undergrad on leave at Brown University, studying Computer Engineering

In my free time I build drones, write scripts, and keep bees. After a semester of college, I decided I had gone to school too early, so I went and to Hong Kong for 6 months. I worked with the racing drone company Team Blacksheep, travelled in china, and lived in an apartment the size of a small closet. 

Most of my projects are on GitHub. Other things I've done are:

The best way to reach out to me is by email, I'm open to all collaborations and conversations.

See my resume for more of my professional experience.